Find Suppliers of Natural Diamonds


As regards the worth of diamond, it varies from man to man. These days, many newly-married couples would like to choose diamond rings for their engagement! It feels cool going around flaunting your style with a diamond ring on your finger. Doesn’t it?

So, how Natural Diamonds find their way to our jewelry collection? It’s a matter of curiosity.


The affinity between natural and synthetic diamonds is so close that it might confuse you to identify the real one.

Man-made diamonds or laboratory-created diamonds are called synthetic. However, white sapphire Cubic Zirconia, Moissanite, zircon, synthetic garnet, and spinel are also a branded synthetic diamond.


Natural diamond is made of carbon, the hardest stone found in the nature. It is formed at least 85 miles below the earth’s covering. The extreme pressure of natural conditions transforms the carbon into a precious stone.


After a diamond is created under the earth’s crust, it undergoes a processing event by moving to the surface via molten rocks. Then, it is mined, polished and transformed into wonderful jewelry. It can also be used for manufacturing purposes.


Apart from looking stunning, diamonds provide several health benefits. The sources say that the vibes of diamonds help repair many organs of the body like digestive organs, liver, urinary tract, throat, lips, and skin-related ailments.

Some Facts about Natural Diamonds:

  1. The value of a natural diamond increases in the course of time with the increase in the inflation rate. Big diamond is not easily found. It is found very rarely and needs a big outlay. It is equally true in the case of finding a diamond with transparency, cut and color.
  2. Natural diamonds have retained their value for many years. So, they are traded for years after purchase.
  3. Natural diamonds that are appreciated instantly in worth consist of fancy colors. Canary Yellow diamonds are of such types and worth of big investments.
  4. The investment in diamonds, especially in red diamonds, is great. It is the greatest natural diamond and the rarest also. Blue and Pink diamonds are measured higher in appreciation as well.

Diamond has some auspicious values. It is believed to control the planet Venus that gives prosperity to human being. Wearing a piece of real diamond jewelry like earrings, ring, pendant, bracelet in approved way can bring health and prosperity.


Apart from being an embodiment of beauty and royalty together, natural diamonds are considered a great confidence booster.